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Sheila Marie

A school crush in 5th grade, that's how I discovered drawing. A cute boy who drew wildlife and mountain scenes was my love interest. I thought maybe if I could draw he would notice me. Well, he didn't take notice but I did find my love of drawing and later, painting.

I married young and we started our family a couple of years later.Creating fine art went to the back burner as I raised my kids and worked at multiple jobs that would allow me to be with my kids.Designing and fabricating stained glass for custom home builders, teaching stained glass, helping my husband build custom homes.

When the kids were older I began working with a start-up company.There were three of us, the inventor/president, an accountant and myself.I started out helping with accounting and sales.As new challenges came up I volunteered to research and figure out the solutions.I ended up running operations and manufacturing.

The first 14 years with this company, were incredibly exciting, fulfilling, boundless opportunities to grow, learn, create and be challenged every day. I'm still so thankful that the president of the company believed and had so much trust in me.

An abrupt change almost 10 years ago changed my role dramatically. A role completely the opposite, sucking away the passion and joy that drove me. After several years of being very lost I found an old box of Grumbacher oils in my basement from 41 yrs. ago that I had played around with as a teen. I pulled those oils out, took a class at the Art League. I began to find my way. Slowly I began to dream again, to feel the excitement, fear, joy, challenge and strength of learning and growing again.

Now almost 25 years later I have quit that job and will start again, another exciting journey.

I work in oils painting plein air and in my studio.I love the outdoors and you'll see I lean towards landscapes.I do mix it up some with animals, still lifes and life drawing.

Painting is all together exciting, challenging, frustrating, joyful, peaceful, leaving me exhausted and fulfilled.I'm continuously working on design, value relationships, soft and hard edges, and brush strokes.

My goal, in the end, is to simplify, capture the mood, the essence and the emotion of that moment in time.Creating a work that will bring a beautiful statement to the home of its admirer.